The staff are the companys most important resource. Our staff has many years experience in the cleaning industry and in services. They are continuously trained to gain knowledge of new cleaning methods, and the use of new cleaning materials and equipment.


The management of Hazan Städservice, Hasan Rencber and his associates have since the 80’s had the experience from the cleaning industry. They have a broad and deep knowledge in both service and cleaning. Management policy is to delegate this responsibility as much as possible within the organization to ensure commitment, responsibility and personal growth.


Hazan Städservice has an experienced and work management skills with experience in local and cleaning care sector. Continuous training is done in quality, environment, leadership, service, personnel issues, cleaning techniques and cleaning materials.

Supervisor key tasks, active management, choice of cleaners, installation, training, monitoring and quality assurance.

Along with leadership, work management quality control at the client at least once a year to achieve the highest quality possible.


Hazan Städservice recruit staff who can show good references and have experience in cleaning. All staff speak Swedish, wearing uniform clothing and corporate identity.

Cleaners get a basic introduction and training on startup of new projects at the customer to ensure the quality level.