Move house cleaning

… gives you more time for your new home.

There are several advantages to letting a professional cleaning companies perform your final cleaning. Our cleaning will give you the opportunity to make a clean and nystädad apartment, house or room in Solna and Stockholm Area. You save time that you can devote to settle in with your new home.

It is not unusual for disputes between departing and immigrant tenants on condition of cleanliness. If you hire us, we take care of the inspection with the immigrant. When you minimize the risks.

We have extensive experience of final cleaning. We cooperate with the major mobile providers as well as brokerage firms.

This is part of our final cleaning

• Urtorkning of all cabinets and washing of woodwork
• Washing and cleaning of walls in the toilet / bathroom
• Cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, stove and oven outside, inside, behind.
• Wipe the doors, door frames, radiators and window sills
• Wipe the skirtings and moldings
• Cleaning of all sanitary fittings
• Window utt, interior and karmtvätt
• Removal of spots on the walls (if possible)
• Wash out switch and outlet
• Washing of hard floors
• Vacuuming of carpeting
• Valves and storage areas are cleaned

Inspection and Warranty

We prefer inspection of the immigrant. Can not be carried out, you always have a cleaning warranty of 3 days. The immigrant call us directly if there would be any complaints.

If the work would not be done to your complete satisfaction, we will be free to take on and implement systematically final cleaning with the help of our checklists and quality control before we take out any payment.

NOTE! No refunds will where departing or immigrant customer self-resolve any complaints when simultaneously cleans away “evidence”.