… contribute to a better working environment.
The school cleaning we offer described below, but can of course be supplemented according to your own needs. We are flexible and work both in Solna, Stockholm.

• Offices and classrooms
• Dusting of all free surfaces
• Floors mopped, damp cleaned if necessary
• Vacuuming of soft mats
• Dusting of free surfaces on furniture
• Disk Management performed when ordering
• Floors mopped and damp wiped Toilets and Washrooms
• Cleaning of sanitary fittings, and particularly exposed wall surfaces
• Floors mopped and damp wiped
• Filling of toilet paper, paper towels and liquid soap Entrances and Corridors
• Floors mopped, if necessary, moisture dried Stairs
• Dusting of handrails and free surfaces
• Floors mopped, if necessary, moisture wiped clean workplaces such as offices and classrooms provide
• Prevention of the spread of diseases and allergies
• Reduced risk of accidents
• Increased job satisfaction
• Extended life of fixtures and fittings.
• Each classroom torrmoppas avfläckas slates cleaned
• Gymnastics Hall mopped, vacuuming machine running the combined machine

Changes after desire.
Take care of your and your colleagues health! All assignments are planned based on your specific needs and requirements