Office cleaning

… contribute to a better working environment.
The office cleaning we offer in Stockholm and Solna described below, but can of course be supplemented according to your own needs.

• Offices
• Dusting of all free surfaces
• Floors mopped, damp cleaned if necessary
• Vacuuming of soft carpets Canteen
• Dusting of free surfaces on furniture
• Cleaning of sinks of porcelain and the like. is picked off
• Disk Management performed when ordering
• Floors mopped and damp wiped Toilets and Washrooms
• Cleaning of sanitary fittings, and particularly exposed wall surfaces • Floors mopped and damp wiped
• Filling of toilet paper, paper towels and liquid soap Entrances and Corridors
• Floors mopped, if necessary, wet wiped Stairs
• Dusting of handrails and free surfaces
• Floors mopped, if necessary, wet wiped clean workplaces such as office gives
• Prevention of the spread of diseases and allergies
• Reduced risk of accidents
• Increased job satisfaction
• Extended life of fixtures and fittings.

Take care of your and your colleagues health! All assignments are planned based on your specific needs and requirements